Woman For Free: Buy This Lovely House And Get A Free Wife

A woman is not and cannot be equal with a man. If you still think that their must be equality between man and woman, the joke is on you. A forty years old man can marry a 25 years old girl and it is cool but a woman of forty can’t go and marry a 25 years old boy. If you do, be ready to face the society.

This woman just realized that. Now, she is ready to offer herself as a wife to any mature man who can buy the house her late husband left behind for her. She doesn’t just want to be sleeping around with small boys, but be a decent woman with a husband. Read her story below…

An advert for a house in Indonesia has gone viral online after the woman selling it offered to throw in an unusual extra feature for free — her hand in marriage.

The Internet ad reads for the most part like a regular house listing, saying that the single-storey property has two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a parking space and a fish pond.

But it also proposes to buyers a “rare offer” — “when you buy this house, you can ask the owner to marry you”, alongside a picture of Wina Lia, a 40-year-old widow and beauty salon owner, leaning against a car in front of the house.

The ad said that terms and conditions apply, and notes the offer is “for serious buyers and non-negotiable”. The house in Sleman, on the island of Java, is on the market for 999 million rupiah (about $75,000).

News of the offer quickly spread among Internet users in social media-crazy Indonesia.

A user on popular online forum said Wina Lia is “quite smart — even though the house will be sold, she will remain the owner.”

But the mother of two explained that she had asked a friend who was a property agent to help her find a buyer — and in the process a husband — but she had expected him to pass on the news to a limited number of people, not put an ad online.

“I told a friend of mine who also works as property agent that if there is a buyer who is a single man or a widower who wants to buy a house, and at the same time look for a wife, he can let me know as I’m also a widow,” she said.

She added that a potential buyer had visited on Wednesday, but refused to give further details about him.

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