There Are Two Types Of Eyes: The Jonathan Eyes And The Normal Eyes By Ogundana Michael Rotimi

Let me use this medium to remember the innocent job seeking Nigerians that lost their lives about a year ago during the Nigerian Immigration Exercise that took place on 15th March, 2014 across the country. May their gentle souls rest in Perfect Peace. Their country failed them when it untimely cut their lives short. An incident that could have been averted if we had developed the attitude of doing the right thing at all times. Most painfully, it took the President a year before he fulfilled his promises to their families.
In the same country, governed by the same government, within the same period of time, people see different things differently. Some sing praises while others condemn, some appreciate while others criticize and some want change while others prefer to maintain status quo. The various actions and attitudes displayed by individuals to the President Goodluck Jonathan`s led administration cannot be farfetched from the way they see his administration.
I have wondered endlessly why some see the whole gospel of transformation carefully playing out like a master plan working perfectly for the good of the nation and while others do not see same that way. But rather see it as a kangaroo project and a share shame of mediocrity, complacency and gross cluelessness.
However, after careful thoughts and logical reasons, I finally find out the answer.
You see, as it stands now, the politics that is carefully being played by both the ruling party and the opposition parties and the camp that individuals belong to, determine what they see, the way they reason and their sense of judgments. What individuals see is a function of the type of eyes they have. It is natural for the oppositions to see things in the opposition way. But even at that, with common sense one would know when the oppositions are just being antagonistic and when they are right.
Hence, based on the present political situations of the country, I have been tempted to conclude that, there are two types of eyes; The Jonathan Eyes and The Normal Eyes. The political eyes you have will determine what you see, what you see will determine what you say and whom you support in the upcoming elections. Little wonders why there are opinions and counter opinions everywhere. Do not blame anyone for whatsoever he or she says or believes, It is a function of what they see and what they see depends on the eyes they have.
Someone with the Jonathan eyes will see things in the Jonathan’s way while someone with the Normal eyes will see things the normal way- Clean, Clear and Bright.
Someone with the Jonathan eyes will not see stealing as corruption or corruption as stealing, but someone with the Normal eyes will know that stealing is corruption and corruption is stealing.
When you see someone screaming the praises of this administration and yelling the good works of transformation, do not blame him or her, what he or she has is the Jonathan eye and that is the way it is expected from him or her to see things. However, someone with the Normal eyes will see the whole gospel of transformation as an illusion of the highest magnitude.
Someone with the Jonathan’s eye will tell you that Nigeria has the best economy in Africa thanks to the rebasing of our economy but someone with the Normal eyes will ask you that what impact has the rebasing had on the lives of the ordinary Nigerians.
Someone with the Jonathan eyes will see and say that President Jonathan has constructed 25,000km of roads within Nigeria but someone with the Normal eyes will ask where the roads are constructed? Perhaps not Nigeria. Even the popular Lagos – Ibadan express road is just 404km and it is yet to be completed.
It is only with the Jonathan eyes that you could see a well rehabilitated airports across the country but if you have the Normal eyes, that is clean, clear and not blurred you would see that there are a whole lot of things wrong with our airports.
Trust me, with the Jonathan eyes on, you can`t see anything wrong in making someone that is being indicted in an election rigging scandal a minister in the country.
With the Jonathan eyes, all is well and right with the timing of the comprehensive Military action against the Boko Haram sect, but with the Normal eyes, it is logical to ask why the military waited this long before carrying out this onslaught on the violent sect. The list goes on like that.
The fact is, the truth is not hidden even to those with the Jonathan eyes. They may have chosen to see things in the Jonathan`s way but somewhere in them they know the truth. They know too well that their claims are not the true reflections of the current states of things in the country. However, due to the selfish benefits that they derive from this administration, they have decided to ignore the truth and carry on the Jonathan eyes. Hence, they act and think in such a way that makes it so obvious that with the Jonathan eyes on, nothing can be seen clearly and transparently!

Ogundana Michael Rotimi
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