The Forces Against Buhari – Presley Akhigbe

Searching for Black Jesus

 It’s hard, it’s hard

We need help out here

So we searching for Black Jesus

It’s like a Saint that we pray to in the ghetto, to get us through

Somebody that understand our pain

You know maybe not too perfect, you know

Somebody that hurt like we hurt

That understand where we coming from

That’s who we pray to

We need help y’all…………………

Tu Pac’s lyrics in ‘Black Jesus’


With the crescendo of political activities, campaign and general acceptability of General Buhari leading to the now controversially postponed February 14th presidential election, it was very obvious that General Buhari would have dealt a sucker punch to the PDP by winning the election. This insight caused fears in the arteries of PDP and its power brokers or simply put; the Cabal, that somehow, through deft intrigues and clandestine manoeuvre, INEC was “coerced” to shift the polls, not forgetting a desperate attempt at the council of state meeting for the poll shift just a day before the INEC declaration of shifting the poll. The general feeling in the country is that to forestall Buhari from winning, the elections were shifted to ensure the PDP garnered time to try and undertake last minute desperate scheming, politicking, arm twisting, begging, influencing or swaying more electorates to tilt towards their candidate. There has been litany of revelations to point that there are other forces inimical to a Buhari presidency. It is not just going to be the defeat of a ruling party, but the presidency of Buhari is supposedly opposed by several forces, groups and interests. It is sacrosanct that the most compelling reason why these elements abhor a Buhari presidency is interwoven in a chord of corruption and fear of Jail. The anti-corruption stance of Buhari is seen as the greatest threat to his presidency. It will be right to say then that the forces against a Buhari presidency are as follows:

  1. Corrupt officials: The list of corrupt people or groups under this category who do not want a Buhari Presidency is limitless in Nigeria. It stems from the past all through this present dispensation. Past and present executives, former rulers, past and present National Assembly members, MDs, CEOs etc. Various parastatal like NNPC, Power Sector, Nitel, Refineries maintenance crew, Aviation, Petroleum marketers and all other cash draining pipes of the common wealth of Nigeria. It can be observed that the composition of the family tree of the elite and political ruling class of Nigeria are people who steal in the name of the lord, con men, criminals, drug dealers, pedophiles and sodomites. Sincerely speaking the lists of people who know they are corrupt and have criminally amassed wealth are so much and have been enjoying safe haven under this administration and will ensure this status quo is maintained as against a presidency of Buhari. They loath the existence of Buhari, the thought that a very disciplined man as Buhari with a strong anti corruption stance is like poison to them. Knowing that under Buhari they will not live freely as royalty in Nigeria, but will serve lengthy terms in Jails for their corrupt acts that are harming the nation daily. The corrupt people in Nigeria are the strongest forces against General Buhari.
  2. Saboteurs: That various governmental institutions will want to conduct fresh recruitment for new intakes and choose to contract such simple tasks is an aberration. When forces like the Nigeria immigration service will have to contract recruitment to private companies for employment is totally outrageous. We have seen even administrative units of government in Nigeria contracting employments into their offices to private companies and worst still they will demand for enrolment fees from young school leavers and jobless Nigerians. Something is terribly wrong with this practice and the lots of government officials who practice this nonsense would never pray for a Buhari presidency.

We have witnessed terrorist groups overrun our military and weather fact or not, there have been insinuations that saboteurs exist somehow, for militants to keep having upper hands on our military until recently. But discerning minds understand that there are lot more saboteurs in our government and they clog the wheel of national development and progress. These invincible saboteurs will never support change. They are evil.

Another dimension to saboteurs are officials with high level of Indiscipline in the system. Lots of people like the idea that they can act contrary to governmental policies without repercussions. They collect bribes, give bribes, lateness and absent from duty, disrespect to established authorities and more. These people do not want a Buhari presidency.

  1. Economy managers: At the time when the nation has made more money from the sales of crude oil, a time where there has been oil boom so to say, Nigeria has in turn experienced somewhat corresponding economic doom. The managers of our economy have continually inundated us with wrong statistics, fake reports, lies, cover ups and fictional stance of a robust economy. Even the simple economic activities precipitated upon the forces of demand and supply has been ascribed as monumental achievement of the economy managers. Somehow with the revelations of respected economist like Prof. Pat Utomi and Prof. Soludo, most of us Nigerians feel our economy has been experiencing depletion in a season of oil boom. These forces are assiduously working night and day to ensure a Buhari presidency is not a reality as they will be exposed, ridiculed and possibly face prosecution for their strange handling of the Nigeria economy.

  1. The mischief makers. These groups of people are the shadow chasers. This group consist of mostly those who were born in the late 80s and a very few older folks who place personal interest above national interest. Prof. Soludo has described this administration as a failed one and till today no economist has come to disprove Soludo, instead, they attack the messenger and wickedly refute the message. General Obasanjo is no saint, but we cannot disprove the fact that he is the greatest political gladiator in Nigeria. There is a saying that what the elderly one sees while squatting, the younger ones cannot see while erect. OBJ has through subtle means pass a vote of no confidence on this government but what do we see, lots of rats ignorantly casting mocking faces at the cat. Ignorant of course. All these are lots of pointers to assist us not to make the mistake of 1979 when Nigerians had the choice to choose either of Awolowo or Azikiwe (Apologies to other contestants) but instead chose a Shagari and the resultant effect was almost a decade of retrogression with a circle of military incursions in government. Now we have a new set of ‘Fani Power’ mischief makers who are bent on ignoring the signs of change but instead propagate messages of hate, tribalism, religious bigotry, age, creed and mostly distorted facts. They ignorantly or with deliberate self deception choose to neglect the major issues like not getting concerned that Nigeria in the past five years has lost over 14,000 citizens to the Boko haram insurgents, humans now reduced to statistics. An alarming death toll figure more than the deaths in Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria put together. They care less and with delusion blame the opposition for everything. This people don’t care that a monumental amount like $20B or more is missing; they blame Soludo and Sanusi for revealing. They care less that a minister will squander over N10B on private jet jamboree, they say it’s normal. This people don’t care that a liter of drinking bottled water is more expensive than a liter of petrol and the prices of petrol per liter is higher in Nigeria than any oil producing country with Nigeria’s crude deposit similarity. They don’t care about the flagrant mismanagement of the Nigeria economy or the depletion of the ECA/External Reserve, nah, they somehow blame the opposition. They don’t care about the looting incorporation and squandermanism that we witness with the bribing of groups, associations and the likes with N3B-N8B or there about for electoral support, they want evidence and when there is clear evidence like the leaked audio tape conspiracy to rig the Ekiti State elections in favour of Fayose, they will say the evidence is unreal. But when it comes to the act of confusion, misinformation, slander, lies, deceits, this set of people are the core groups leading the race. Then what exactly is their grouse against General Buhari, they will ramble all sorts of gibberish but insist they don’t want Buhari.
  2. The enemies of Nigeria. These categories of forces against General Buhari are both internal and external. There are lots of individuals who are profiting from the pillaging of the resources of Nigeria. They perpetuate the highest level of bunkery that is ever known to mankind, they are very happy at the way things are going and would do anything to ensure that a person like Buhari does not come to power. To them, they believe Buhari’s presidency would be their death knell. Side by side with those plundering the resources of Nigeria uninhibited are a set of people that are profiting from the carnage of the Boko Haram Sect. Apart from the private individuals who are contracted to take the place of the military by supplying war paraphernalia, others profit from selling arms to the militants. Then in the words of Dr. Peregrino Brimah, the Janjaweed connecting comprising of all those benefiting from the activities of Boko Haram directly and indirectly with the Chad connection would also not want a presidency of General Buhari. They will go to any length to perpetrate the illest tricks to forestall a Buhari Presidency. General Obasanjo had claimed in his banned book that Nigeria has five presidents because of the way and manner with which Nigeria is being run and the power play in this government and borrowing a leaf from the erudite and well respected Prof. Charles Soludo that this present administration has contracted various ministries, parastatals, sectors, institutions to private individuals. Thus these individuals (Traders) have decided to run these offices with parochial ideas and indeed are breaking all records in terms of underachievement. These contractors see themselves as semi gods. They arrogate whimsical titles to themselves. They are like feudal lords and would want to continue to be little presidents of their ministries. They know General Buhari will deal decisively with them, and as such they would never want a Buhari presidency.

Above all, just like Tu Pac said, we need a Nigerian Saint, someone who can rally the troops in times of war, someone we can trust to carry us through. The masses are yearning for change. All men and women of good will are clamoring for change. The populace is feeling angst that Nigeria seems to be taking one step further and two steps backward. There is hardship in the land. Our common wealth is plundered by a few. The country seems rudderless in terms of economic direction and heading down probably. There is no power, good road, electricity, security, jobs, health and other ordinary structures for the masses; worst still in 2015. This is why we need more than ever before a presidency of General Buhari, to ultimately start a process to remedy all the aforementioned anomalies or better still provide solutions head on.

Change is what we need in Nigeria.

Presley Akhigbe

Views expressed are solely the author’s

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