#TGIF: Eva Alordiah Vs Cynthia Morgan; Who Is Your Dance Hall Queen?

Seems like dance hall is gaining grounds in the Nigerian Music Industry and the ladies are flagging up their talents in that genre.

Today we present  Eva Alordiah and Cynthia Morgan. Watch their videos below and tell us, who is your dance hall queen?

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Didi Adams

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  • Sumi

    pls who is Cynthia Morgan?

  • Kemi

    Cynthia Morgan is the fiercest. Her energy is real

  • Jones

    Sum I must be living under a rock to not know who Cynthia Morgan is

  • Sonia

    Eva is original. She is not bleaching

  • Taye

    Who is talking about bleaching? Eva had to go up her game when Cynthia came on board.