Straight Facts on Jonathan’s Visit to Atiku

We took out to to confirm the story making the rounds that President Jonathan visited APC stalwart Atiku Abubakar.

* It is true. There was indeed a meeting between President Jonathan and Atiku Abubakar.

* President Jonathan appeared at Atiku’s residence unannounced.

* The president pointedly asked Atiku to return to the PDP. This is not the first time in recent times, the only difference being that the president looked to see if his presence at Atiku’s house will add weight to his call to have Atiku return to PDP

* The desperation to have Atiku return to the PDP has bee on for a while. Atiku has so far rebuffed the offer.

* The Sahara Reporters’ piece is spot on. Atiku will not be joining PDP nor Jonathan’s new obsession, an Interim Government. That he made clear to President Jonathan while making it clear he intends to be in the APC for the long haul.

The President is back on the road, seeking who amongst the power blocs to convince about his Interim Government idea. The ING idea is not just a story being told by communists, journalists and politicians, it is an option being considered by President Jonathan.

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