Shekau Still Alive – Woman Held Captive By Boko Haram

One of the nine women who broke walls to escape from their captors in Gwoza town of Gwoza Local Government Area of Borno State has revealed that Abubakar Shekau, leader of the Boko Haram, is still alive.

Chatting with newsmen in Maiduguri,she said “Shekau, who was thought to have been killed many times by the Nigerian security forces, is very much alive and healthy.”She added that the Boko Haram leader  preaches in Gwoza township.”

According to the Nigerian Tribune, the woman said, before their escape from the den of the terrorists, they witnessed the killings of 75 elders of Gwoza, including her father in-law, who were hanged and their bodies left on the streets of Gwoza.

“My husband is alive, he had run away since the early days of the invasion and is currently here in Maiduguri.We were captured since then by the Boko Haram and have remained in their custody for more than three months before now.When we escaped, we travelled by night in the bushes until we arrived at Michika.Those who arrested us at Michika said we were Boko Haram’s wives, but we pleaded and having proven our innocence, they kept us for days until when the former governor of Adamawa State, Mr Boni Haruna, came to Michika.It was he who offered to help us with food and medication. When we regained our strength, he asked us many questions.

“It was during the questioning that I mentioned my husband brother’s name who is living in Adamawa and they sent for him. After he had identified me, they released me to him, before I later came to Maiduguri to unite with my family,”

The woman said she has seven children and believed they are still alive, though she is at present in one of the internally displaced persons camps in Maiduguri GRA.

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