Safety And Security Tips For You And Your Family On Election Day By Olatoro, Fatai

     Avoid argument with people and kindly keep your political views to yourself. It is vital you refrain from discussions with regards to the party and contestant.


  • Movement may be restricted, avoid moving around with vehicle and if you must do so park your vehicle away from polling station.


  • It is advisable not to enter the polling unit with all your family member or spouse together, If possible split in group.


  • Ensure you go to polling unit early with your voter’s card and avoid taking your under age children along.


  • Identify viable escape route and safety in case of any violence or emergency.


  • Telecommunication Networks may be poor, kindly recharge your phone and ensure good planning for that day by creating an avenue to communicate with friends and family via social media (BBM, facebook, twitter, e.t.c).


  • Wear Simple and Smart dress.


  • Examine the situation of your polling unit in terms of sensitivity or normalcy.


  • There will be adequate deployment of security agents, therefore expect minor delays and cooperate with security agents.


  • It is vital to make adequate provision for water, food and medical kit as delay before casting your vote may call for need of such items.


  • The best ground for pick pockets is crowded place. It is important you keep and secure your belongings. Debit card and other valuable items should not be taking to polling units.


  • Finally, monitor media and security reports.


Wishing you and your Family a violence Free-Election as you cast your vote to candidate of your choice.














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