Patience Ebele Jonathan The First Lady Who Tested Negative To Common Sense By Adava Festus O

Its not every time the First lady of a country like ours makes the news for the wrong reasons, but then it becomes
something of interest when making news for the wrong reasons becomes the norm,rather than the anomaly, when
making the headlines for being a constant nuisance becomes the status quo, then we must take a more cursory look as to why our “humble” president Goodluck Ebele Jonathan has been making the wrong decisions or making none that has any effect on the political situation of our country, Enter the first PATIENCE GOODLUCK JONATHAN a.k.a Mama peace, Patience Jonathan outward looks, demeanor and mien may come to anyone as a gentle, cool, easy going and highly intelligent woman UNTIL SHE SPEAKS, and No! I am not talking about his now-famed “diaris God” utterances or her constant destruction and maiming of the English language, which we have gotten used to allowed to slide, just because “its not our language”, even as we tend to act like its not our lingua franca,
but since majority of her “defendants” sees her poverty at constructing a simple sentence in english without having to make it look like a rocket science as an extenuating circumstance,which is forgivable,as we have been coerced to
accept it, even for a first lady of the most populous country in W.Africa, I won’t waste my ink ot it.
The major reason that brings about this write-up Is her latest outburst where she said publicly, in her own words that “anyone who say change in front of you, stone am”, which literally translates to raising hell against anyone from the opposition party,and in the deeper sense of it, Stoking a fire and inciting violence because an opposition who’s tired of seeing the country teethering towards the brink of perdition dares preaches Change! Which begets a few question which I personally don’t expect her to have the required education to have an answer to, Really Madam First Lady? Does she know what democracy entails? Does she know anything about the presence and tolerance of opposition as sine qua non to a functioning democracy? Why on God’s green earth would the First lady of the giant of Africa make such a huge gaffe,in this century? Why do the people who makes the least of sense seems to always talk more? The same first lady who went to tussle with a sitting governor of her state, yanked off a microphone from him and gave him a verbal dressing down like teacher to a recalcitrant student , got a government employment without any experience, managerial or administrative acumen in any known fields of human endeavours, same woman called out Nobel Laureate, prof. Wole Soyinka,said so many unprintable things to a Man who’s been winning accolades and making her mark in literature years before her husband would dream of leading this country, is the same woman who after been first lady for about 6 years, without a notable achievement to her name except leading a group of women to meet their untimely death in a car crash (RIP to the dead),couldn’t find a better way to campaign for her husband other than inciting violence with such classless, crass, blood-thirsty and gutter comment, As if we haven’t become inundated so much we have become inured to constant comments with no sensible addition to our growth from the presidents hatchet-men, From Doyin Okupe, to Fani-Kayode, and Reno-Omokri and others, why should the
first lady,in his hallowed chambers of overriding illiteracy make such a sensitive comment at this period in time? What a wealthy disgrace! We have seen Late Stella Obasanjo Child Trust Care in OBJ’s regime, Campaign Against
Female Genital Mutilation and on 6 February 2003, she declared the day the International Day of Zero Tolerance
to Female Genital Mutilation. we have seen WOTCLEF from Mrs Titi Abubakar who fought against Woman Traffikking and using the girl child as sex object and the likes, its not the case with our present First lady, if she’s not making headlines for her ridiculous dictions, she’s somewhere causing a ruckus for reckless comments and she had the temerity to describe a presidential candidate as brain dead? How ironic! , we have seen the first lady of the USA, Michelle Obama who is a seasoned attorney give timeless speeches like a veteran MC makes a classic project that makes you marvel at her thoughts,reasoning, intelligence and the class that follows suit, its not the case with our “Mama Peace” who doesn’t seem to have an idea the kind of highly exalted position she is, and we really need to be honest here, We as nigerians don’t care how good she is in the kitchen at the Ofe-Nsala or Edikang-Ikong soup, what we ask of her is to at least carry herself and her office as the number one woman in nigeria with class, value and prestige, For Nigeria to move forward, we don’t only need to pray for a good Commander -In-Chief, but for a better first lady than this overbloated bunkum of disgrace masquerading as first lady who would never let a day pass without putting us on the big screen for every wrong reasons available, because no matter how much advice a special adviser gives to the head of the nation, the woman who he goes to bed with can make or mar whatever he ends up on deciding to do, When the President said he sometimes gets bad or contradictory information & advice, you must start to ask if he’s talking about his wife.” You can’t have the likes of Doyin Okupe, Reuben Abati and Reno-Omokri giving you advice in the day and then have PEJ doing that night! Lordy! That should not even be legal, so what now happens when such woman is a Patience who adds no value whatsover?

Adava Festus O. Follow him on twitter @datcapitan

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