Nick Cannon Claims Mariah Sold Their Marital Home Without Including Him, Business Manager Calls Him “Desperate”.

Things appear to be getting a little messy in the Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey divorce saga, at least according to Nick’s new lawsuit.

The actor is claiming that Mariah and their business manager Michael Kane cut him out of a recent deal to sell their marital home, TMZ reports. In the lawsuit, Nick explains that Mariah and Michael sold the Bel-Air mansion for $9 million. He’s accusing Michael of exclusively dealing with Mimi’s people on the sale and insists that he didn’t know anything about it until after the home was sold.

Although Nick is fine with the actual sale of the home, his issue was Michael’s alleged decision to keep him in the dark until the deal was closed. He’s also worried about how the money will be divided. As a result, he’s requesting that the $9 million obtained from the sale of the mansion be frozen until he can have the financials reviewed to determine exactly how much he’ll receive from the deal.

Michael is clearly frustrated with Nick’s request, which he referred to as “frivolous.” Oh yeah, he had one more thing to say about the suit:

“[It’s] clearly a desperate act from a sadly desperate man.”

As previously reported, Nick quietly filed for divorce from his estranged wife just before the holidays.





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