Mbaka Denies Meeting Buhari; Asks “They Keep Saying It Shall Be Well, Is It Until You Die?”

Rev. Father Ejike Mbaka, founder of The Adoration ministry has continued to express his thought on the state of the nation despite recent condemnation on his outburst over president Jonathan’s leadership role in the country.

The Rev. Father in a new video also denied ever meeting with Buhari as alleged at different quarters, urging those angry with him to forward their account details so he can return whatever money they had paid him, if they had done so before.

The Catholic Priest also said no Government should be tagged as a good Government for creating roads and other infrastructure as it is their duties to do so since they are merely doing the job they have been called to do, just as he is doing the work of God.

“They keep saying, it shall be well..It shall be well….When? Is it until you die?” he said.

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