Malaysia Identifies Two ISIS Terrorists in Beheading Video

Malaysia’s counter-terrorism police say they have identified two Malaysian nationals in a gruesome ISIS decapitation video.

Muhamad Wanndy Muhamad Jedi, 26, and Mohd Faris Anuar, 20, were identified by Malaysian police in a horrific 30-second video, in which Faris is seen gesturing toward the camera while Wanndy’s voice is heard while recording the clip.

The two are linked to a small group of Malaysian-Indonesian terrorists calling themselves the Majmu’ah al Arkhabiliy, operating under the banner of the Takfiri ISIS terrorist group in Syria and Iraq.

The disturbing video is that of the purported beheading of a Syrian man by another individual identified as an Arab. It was taken by Wanndy and uploaded to his social media account under the name of Abu Hamzah Al Fateh on February 20. Muhamad Wanndy went to Syria in January 2015; he was accompanied by his wife, Nor Mahmudah.

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