Gov. Yero Running Religious Campaigns In Kaduna, Says El-Rufai

The All Progressive Congress governorship candidate in Kaduna, Nasir El-Rufai, on Monday accused the state governor, Ramalan Yero, of breaching the peace accord in the state.

Speaking through his spokesperson, Samuel Aruwan, Mr. El-Rufai said the governor was running a dangerous religious campaign in the state.

He said the governor was not interested in the peace accord signed by the two candidates only speaking of peace through lip service.

According to him, Kaduna was a sensitive and complex state that could easily be set alight.

He said the PDP cannot use religion to manipulate people and harvest votes the way people get cash out of ATM machines.

“We are here to let the people of the state know that the state government is not interested in peace,” Mr. El-Rufai said. “They are already breaching the peace accord signed under the auspice of the state commissioner of police.  Going by our activities you will agree with me that our campaign has been based on issues unlike that of the ruling party.

“The state government now are running a very dangerous religious campaign. They are at present inciting religious sentiments in the state in order to tarnish the good name of Malam El-Rufai. They are presently circulating text under the name “Breaking news” and pamphlets in churches against us.

“We are not bothered with that because we are Kaduna state indigenes and we know the history of the state. We know that the state is sinking and dwindling. They just need to stop inciting people if not they will end up setting the state on fire.”

Mr. El-Rufai added that if the state governor was really convinced he had developed the state, he would not focus his campaign on promoting religion and sentimental issues.

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