Gen Muhammadu Buhari In A Cold World Of Criticism By Grema Sulaiman Al Arabi?

I am of no doubt am among some certain regarded inquisitive people and I will  keep that  as a pledge for patriotism and diplomacy, I will keep making up more question and remarks to earn more opinion and gain more awareness that I haven’t got precise definition to because my limit is limitless.

General Muhammad Buhari people actually see these name as one popular name but anyway I will briefly brief you  about whom actually this man is. and whom is he going to be and what is he going to do. It is unfortunate seeing people committing social media suicide as I go through a lot of write ups articles and opinions by different people. And more funnily I see a lot that makes me laugh hard  “why?. Because most covers criticism on Gen Muhammed Buhari and this unfortunately makes me feel bad and uncomfortable thou I believe in gender equality, press freedom and freedom of speech. Well I don’t like the government more especially a government governing with a manifesto of lies deceit and fabrications, and this is why I keep having problem with the opposition whenever I stand a plain discussion with whoever happens to be among: well I don’t criticize the government but I condemn a condemned government, a cabinet of political watchdogs ‘thugs ‘and looters which in my previous article Letter To Nigeria2015 regard them as gorillas in suit drown in their selfish political loots, more annoying is how it was said to be as a public figure of high recognition, as of last week I was viewing a report index of corrupt countries in the world, seeing Nigeria on the list of the top5 was a bit boring and arrogantly you hear them whispering and whistling here and there with ego and pride making noise that Nigeria is became largest economy under their administration forgetting that its the same country where majority of it vast are living in hardship earning 1/2 $ a day. Same country regarded to be as the largest tomato belt as well as the biggest import of tomato paste, China biggest cassava export with no single starch producing company. Well laughing anymore is not my desire because I am already getting extremely upset by the idiots sect of people making idiotisms by their idiotic behaviour of societal damages and economic pollution, this way round am not landing any sooner because the airport is a bit untieded and more because I have looking to this certain time to say what I have to say. its a cold world but Malcolm x made it out of it, same as well Mandela and couple of others of same patriotic development pose, this as well goes to Gen Muhammad Buhari. Well I don’t have bias ideology and I don’t even consume ill ideologies of fibs and deceit, well.

If you happen been among those paid thugs or critics practicing pure mediocrity with selfish self interest, I am reminding you for once more that maybe upon the will of God is man is just a viewer, for it is only God almighty alone that determines one’s faith not mankind of unkind values, as the general says I can not change the past but I will change the present and future, been optimistically supporting and backing up his decision of neutral and progressive leadership I am 100% at his back. And this Buhari been criticize is the way forward of Nigeria’s development the solution of  sustainability for the well fare perspectives, well more been said and more to be said, if you don’t know.

Under general Muhammad even back then as head of state he has managed it appropriately by fighting corruption and investing amenities for national benefits and as well head the ministerial post of the oil management unit which was well moved with clean records of international recognition after the the affirmation according to the Modalities for Coordinating Nigeria’s Anti-Corruption Strategies, Constructive Engagement Vol.1 No.1, (2009), in 1983, when Shagari administration inaugurated the Crude Oil Sales Tribunal of Inquiry, headed by Justice Ayo Irikefe, to investigate allegations of N2.8 billion misappropriation from the NNPC account. The tribunal however found no truth in the allegations and stated it was well moved clarifying that Babangida allegations were only fixed propaganda fibs. and again in 1983, when Chadian forces invaded Nigeria in Borno state, Buhari used the forces under his command to chase them out of the country, crossing into Chadian territory in spite of an order given by then President Shagari to withdraw. And as well he states reason on the executed coup which he took over military power at then which people now use with fabrications attached to implicate nuisance opinions upon him, well he was quoted saying this on the new York times “Buhari justified the military’s seizure of power by castigating the civilian government as hopelessly corrupt and promptly suspended Nigeria’s 1979 Constitution. Which was viral and positively he held various position but in all but Gen Muhammad Buhari has no black record with authentications, and moreover that was then and now he is a reformed democrat willing to follow democratic laws .

And its a pity on the noise about his age because when I got to view others I found US secretary of state age too was quite as his John Kerry and that never affected his diplomatic trips and his domestic assignment , what a useless panic by clue less oppositions. And about his health I’m certain with assurance that he is physically mentally and academically more fit than the recent GCFR of the short time left Mr Goodluck Jonathan . well about his academics the universe had already answered and even a puppy knows what up with that.
General Muhammadu Buhari is the moon of Nigeria ,next GCFR, next Mandela .its a hot world been chilled by a gentle man into a cold world, we will be by him and for him with more willingness.

Grema  Sulaiman Al Arabi @shuwaa_arab


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