Chief Fani Kayode’s lies against Alhaji Sani Musa (313) – Ibrahim Muye Yahaya

It’s not longer news that the use of Card reader by Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) in the 2015 general election has caused a lot of misconception and remains a lurid among some politicians in Nigeria. The recent allegation levelled against the person of Alhaji Sani Musa by Chief Fani Kayode which was quoted on the Nation Newspaper of 25th March 2015 is nothing but a blackmail and attempt to drag his name into hullabaloo over the use of card reader by INEC. Mr. Kayode got it wrong by calling Alhaji Sani Musa a fanatical supporter of All People’s Congress (APC). The PDP Campaign media Director needs to be reminded that Alhaji Sani Musa is not only a strong member of PDP in Niger State, but one of the respected party leaders especially in the Niger East Senatorial Zone whose membership has outlived many elders of the party at both the State and the National level. While political parties are strategizing on how to emerge victorious in the 2015 general election, it’s very unfortunate that the PDP Media campaign director has extended his tantrums and venom on one of its member whose only crime was been a Contractor with INEC. When has it become a crime for a Nigerian to apply and execute a contract with a Government agency? Or is it a crime for a card carrying member of a political party to be a contractor?

For Chief Kayode to turn around in less than a week to election and label Alhaji Sani Musa as friend of General Buhari is nothing but a calculated attempt to drag his good name and that of his company of been sympathetic to the APC. It’s very unfortunate that instead of such accusation to come from the opposition party APC, it comes from a Party which Alhaji Musa is not just an ordinary PDP member; but its former gubernatorial aspirant in 2007, a Senatorial Aspirant in 2011 and the party he has contributed to its growth and popularity that turn up accuse him. While 10 months ago, Chief Fani Kayode has been dinning and winning with APC by insulting and pouring tantrums on PDP, its leaders and the administration, Alhaji Sani Musa has remained a loyal PDP member for past a decade. One wonders who between Alhaji Sani Musa and Chief Fani Kayode is a genuine member of PDP. While the former was member of the party for past a decade, the later found himself midway into PDP as a beneficiary of Political appointment. Today, Chief Kayode who claims to be a ‘Horseman without a Horse’ can’t boast of mobilizing or having PDP followers in his home State like Alhaji Sani Musa who has thousands of supporters in his home State of Niger.

It’s very unfortunate while Alhaji Sani Musa is still under the investigation by the SSS which is yet to make official statement; Mr. Fani Kayode has already concluded his investigation and told the world by indicting, prosecuting and sentencing him for collaborating with Professor Jega and been sympathetic to General Buhari in the 2015 presidential election. One will hardly be convinced that the arrest of Alhaji Musa by SSS was not orchestrated by Chief Kayode who has already indicted him even before the SSS comes out with their version of investigation. Mr. Fani Kayode doesn’t need to be educated that a ‘’Tree cannot make a forest’’, Alhaji Sani Musa ‘a contractor’ and Professor Attairu Jega who is the head of INEC are two individuals who cannot do anything to favour any political party, Mr. Kayode should remember that the decision and resolutions of INEC is carried out by the 6 Federal Electoral Commissioners (FEC’s) and the 37 Resident Electoral Commissioners (REC’s) with other principal officers of the commission. Or did Chief Fani Kayode think the idea of Card Reader comes from Alhaji Sani Musa and Professor Jega and just got approval without the consent and inputs of the FEC’s and REC’s? Finally, I will like to bring to the attention of the PDP that Alhaji Sani Musa is not a card carrying member of APC as openly fabricated by Chief Fani Kayode as working for General Buhari or the interest of any political party, but as a Nigerian earning his living as a Contractor. Alhaji Sani’s arrest and accusation by Chief Kayode for been an APC supporter has come as a rude shock to thousands of his followers in PDP in his home State of Niger is already causing misgivings for the way PDP media campaign Director has come up openly to indict Alhaji Musa. His continue detention will have a negative impact on the party’s fortune in the entire Niger East Senatorial district where he held from in the coming election of 28th March 2015 and 11th April 20. The PDP as a matter of urgency should withdraw its statement and apologise to Alhaji Sani Musa and his teeming supporters for accusing him of working for an opposition party. The SSS to whose he is in its custody should go ahead and release him as Chief Kayode’s has statement has already show the SSS investigation over the matter will lack credibility and will not be taken seriously by any honest Nigerian. The security agency should continue remain unbiased in other not to be seen as a whipping boy of certain individual, interest groups or political party just as the person in its custody has already been accused and indicted by the media Director General of the PDP in person of Chief Kayode who is neither a security agent or a Court of law. His allegation and indictment of Alhaji Sani is therefore callous, wicked, out-of-sync, cynical, baseless, hoax and another shows of ignorance by undermining the good work of INEC which Nigerians are comfortable with in its preparation for the conduct of 28th March 2015 and 11th April 2015 general elections.

Mr. Yahaya wrote from Jagbele Quarters, Muye, Niger State

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