2015 General Elections: Letter To My Fellow Corps Members By Ojekunle, Alex Aderemi

Ajuwaya fellow Corps members and good citizens of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, it is with deep sense of modesty and high modicum of respect that I write to you today on the forthcoming general elections. It is very pertinent and germane to urge us to reawaken the spirit of patriotism and selfless service in this country, especially at this critical period in the history of Nigeria, towards upholding its honour and glory: a stage where we decide who governs and steers the affairs of this country for another four years. Whatever decision we make, we should be sure that it will have significant effect on us and posterity, either positively or the other way.
Our inputs as ad-hoc electoral officers during the elections will be a road map for the Nigeria we all aspire and desire to live in and expect our offspring to serve. Our actions during the forthcoming elections should be more of a clarion call and our activities should portray that of a patriotic citizen of the country with the largest concentration of black people. It is our duty to shun every forms of electoral brinkmanship, malpractices and violence.

 The ineffable role of corps members, in all states of the federation and Nigeria in general, cannot be unacknowledged, understated or unheeded. Notwithstanding, corps members’ contribution to this nation, during elections, can also not be well compensated with political appointment, money, largesse or whatever greek gift that politicians could push forward.  Our role in the upcoming elections is a duty that protects the mandate of the people towards reshaping the country to a better environment for you and I which will consequently provide an enabling environment for us all – job opportunities, better welfare, stable water and electric supply, among others which should not be traded for an immediate reward but for a reward that will benefit the nation, the economy, and coming generations.

It is on this note, that I enjoin all members of the National Youth Service Corps to be diligent, assiduous and morally upright during the elections in order to guarantee us a nation where travesty and parody of justice will go into extinction.
We can make the poll a credible and generally-acceptable election by being extremely wary, disciplined, indefatigable and conscious during the electioneering process.
We need to obey the clarion call to serve with good and pure mind.

 God bless Nigeria.
OJEKUNLE, Alex Aderemi
NYSC Akure



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