Why We Shot a Video for GEJ- Rita Dominic

Nollywood leading actress, Rita Dominic has broken away from her normal routine of acting to romance politics in the heat of the around-the-corner presidential election. In a letter she wrote to her fans, Rita explained why she and her company, Audrey Silva, a company she co-owns with her manager, Midred Okwo, shot a video to support President Goodluck Jonathan re-election bid.

According to her, President Goodluck Jonathan has done more for Nollywood than any Nigerian President in history.

“I want to let everybody know that I will be supporting and voting for President Goodluck Jonathan. I am making this decision because he has affected my immediate constituency which is Nollywood more than any president in the history of Nigeria. He has built roads, Benin- Ore road, Ibadan- Lagos road which is near completion, federal universities in almost all the states of the federation, maintaining peace in the Niger-Delta, resuscitation of the railways and a couple of other things. And I have a strong conviction beyond reasonable doubt that Jonathan will lead us to a very good place” she posits.

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  • Dave

    Obviously yall sick! What do u know about hardship? Yall cooling in ur house with ac, fat bank account,ur children go to expensive schools. Please say this to a common man on the street and you will get mobbed definitely. Senseless ppl supporting clueless government. Did anyone see them mentioning healthcare? Power sector? Unemployment? So if almajiri finishes school, where will he work? If he gets sick where will he go? We all know how deceptive u av been since yall started going to abuja. You moved from an artiste to con-artiste, bloody fools.

  • Yusuf

    He would be better off joining you guys in the nollywood, just wait, he will resume on May 30th!