Obasanjo : His Architectural Design And Failed Pocketing Of A Nation By Fodio Ahmed

I will try and keep it together, above all simple. Baba, I am not here to mount gramma or analyze your dramatic attitudes, but certainly as a former president who served both in the Military and Civilian eras, you need no introduction. Baba, you became a military president after the successful assassination of General Murtala Muhammed, I also do not have that unpleasant time to tell you, when was that. You tried to assassinate Late General Sani Abacha but you ran out of luck, the reason you where sentenced to life in prison.

Baba Iyabo, your release after the death of Abacha and the eventual search for greener pasture in politics began that same period, but of cause, it was clear how you made it out of prison. The discovery of your god in prison and seeing 1999 before 1999 was seen clearly by yourself, as being on a mission to restore Nigeria and her ribbons of troubles, starting with the defeat of separatism. Exactly, the vision you saw Baba came to stay, when you became the pioneer People’s Democratic Party’s presidential flag bearer and eventually the winner, I seriously do not want to discuss how you won that election, but then on 27th of May, 1999, you where sworn-in as a president elect of federal republic of Nigeria.

Baba, 4 years later from 1999, you needed an intact return in 2003, but your then Vice President was already seeing his transition glory from number 2 to 1. Atiku’s quest for transition secured an agreement, a gentlemen agreement with you, to be supported in 2007. Baba Kai!!!!!!! You are not a gentleman at all and I doubt, if you will see the glory of almighty, because you refused to respect that gentlemen agreement, rather you came up with the worst leadership desire called the 3rd term Agenda, that naked desire was the foundation of the architectural design of Nigeria’s present day misery.

Baba, can God Almighty forgive you ? He would, if Nigerians forgive you, so instead of all this stunts, it is better you seek for forgiveness from us. Baba, I seriously do not have that strength to outline your sins, against us, but aside your failed attempt to bury Nigerian constitution with whole lots of facial make up to suit your 3rd term agenda, to your many attempts to completely hijack the control of the party, or to the series of dislodgment plot within the party, which today is the reason all incumbents want be in charge of their party. Baba you successfully manipulated the PDP’s constitution which saw you becoming the Chairman Board of Trustees after dislodging Chief Tony Aneni. That post is the most powerful organ of the party.

Baba, you ko !!!! You even have the gods to accuse President Goodluck Jonathan of squandering Nigeria’s oil money, who was your Petroleum Minister during your 8 years serving as a President ? Nobody, you were the sole administrator of that Ministry, give us a detail report of the financial happenings then.

Baba, from what it is today, even the emergence of Goodluck was as your result of greedy political permutations beyond 2007, you knew the health condition of Late Umaru Musa Yar’adua, I am sure. His elder brother was once your Chief of Staff but you against all odds hand picked and did the peering, that peering now is where we are today. That peering is President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan who took over after the death of Yar’adua. Baba then believed his plans had fallen into place, like since he didn’t secure a 3rd term bid, his puppet is there. Can we now see, where the politics of ‘hand picking a successor’ got its revelation ?. In fact, even the 2007 election that brought Baba’s peering was described as the most fraudulent election ever, well maybe the 2015 might take over that record, since it is believed that students learn better than their teachers.

Follow countrymen, all sins that Baba is pin pointing in this administration, got its root from Baba as a result of his failure to to secure a 3rd term agenda. Even the fuel subsidy crisis was exactly an opposite of the notorious “Ali Must Go” crisis. Baba didn’t use the military to intimidate but he also resigned lots of not loyal uniform men, his tool then was Nuhu Ribadu and his EFCC, a cosmetic anti corruption agency used for bringing sanity unto those who have gone against the political morality of Baba Iyabo. The same thing Jonathan does with our security agencies, but Baba played a matured one though. Baba, you brought Goodluck to become your errand president while from Otta farm, you wanted to control the Nation’s treasury and pocket Goodluck’s administration, but sorry you had the devil’s luck, coupled with the fact that what you did in PDP has started witch hunting you, physically and spiritually. It got to the peak, that was why you publicly tore your membership card.

Dear Baba Iyabo, we know you are just displaying your illusive patriotism and fraudulent heroic gestures because what Nigeria is suffering today is the manifestation of your sperm from the womb of her political system and let almighty GOD reward your accordingly. Amen. You have totally failed.

Now, to APC who are busy celebrating Baba’s fraudulent heroic act, to the extent of saying he is emancipating, we the people from the shackles of PDP, I now wonder, if the CHANGE that we the masses crave for, is exactly the CHANGE as seen in the opposition because it’s obvious that the APC are just after unseating then crushing the PDP, I mean revenge time. Who knows, but this is my prayer, Dear Lord, General Buhari no doubt is a man of integrity but not perfect as coined by mischievous political supporters and it is your will that he is so loved by the masses, but seems lots of wolfs are wearing the Buhari’s face and exploiting his integrity. I pray that God exposes them before they win elections and disgrace the general who clearly is on a rescue mission. Amen.

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