El Rufai Shares Interesting Ideas For Education In Kaduna

The governorship candidate of the All Progressives Congress in Kaduna state, Nasir El-Rufai, has promised to ensure that political appointees and top civil servants enrol their children in public schools if elected governor.

El-Rufai was a guest of Freedom Radio’s Hausa phone-in programme “Barka da War haka.” He spoke about the need to revamp public schools in Kaduna state, insisting that for him the most critical step to achieving that is for “leaders like us to enrol our children into public schools.’’

He cited the fact that he attended Local Education Authority Primary School Kawo, Kaduna, in the 60s along with children of elites like the late the then Minister of Education of Northern Region, Isa Kaita.

‘’So, if children of elites are in public schools, they will be forced to do all that is necessary to improve them, out of enlightened self-interest,” he said.

He said that even though he would not be able to force anyone to do it, he hopes to lead by example by putting his children in public schools.

Something else which he said about education was a plan to put teachers on a special salary scale which will be higher than that of other civil servants because he thinks this is the first step towards improving the education sector.

‘’The second step towards improving education in Kaduna state will be the upgrading of infrastructure and generally providing a conducive atmosphere for learning,’’ he added.

He promised free education up to primary and junior secondary schools, but said he could not guarantee free education for senior secondary schools as he intended to put them in boarding houses and was unsure about whether the state can afford it, given the “profligacy” of the current administration.

He said the purpose of putting the students in boarding school is to allow them learn together instead of being distracted by video games and television at home.

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