Ekiti Rigging Tape: APC Says Jonathan is Hiding Something


APC has described as untenable and an after-thought the statement credited to President Goodluck Jonathan as the reason why the Ekiti rigging audio tape has not been investigated, accusing the President of having something to hide on the issue.

In a statement in London on Wednesday by its National Publicity Secretary, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, the party said the President was wrong to have said the rigging audio tape had not been investigated because the army captain, who leaked it, had not come forward to authenticate it.

It wondered whether the President would have toed the same line if the tape had revealed that the APC colluded with the military to rig the Ekiti election in favour of the APC candidate?.?

APC said the security agencies need no prodding or even a presidential directive to launch an investigation into a weighty issue that amounts to a subversion of democracy?.

”Some people were found to be undermining democracy using a powerful national institution like the military, and all the President could say is that there will be no investigation until the officer who secretly recorded the tape has come forward to authenticate it. What a disingenuous argument!

?”?Is the President not aware that Capt. Sagir Koli, who recorded the tape, went into hiding because his life was in danger? ?Is the President not aware of the fate that befell Capt. Koli’s 15-year-old younger brother who was ?arrested and tortured at a military facility in Ibadan over the issue? Does ?the President ?not appreciate the patriotism which the officer exhibited by exposing those who criminally subverted democracy?” the party queried.

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