#CyberParliament: Should Govt Ban Long Hijabs?

Following the unfortunate re- occurrence of suicide bombings and considering the amount of lives lost on each attack, the Nigerian society is cornered to look into the issue of wearing long Hijabs.

Now Nigeria as a nation believes in the freedom to the expression of various faiths and accommodates their doctrines within the umbrella of our constitution.

Again, the act of covering is a projection of the modest and chaste woman, which is encouraged by both morality and religion. But what do we do if this noble act of covering is used as a costume for a suicide bomber?

For the sake of our young girls who are mostly victims of this wickedness, the lives of great Nigerians that are being destroyed and for the preservation of modesty and morality.

On this Cyber Parliament, let us reason together. Should the Government consider banning Long Hijabs?

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