A Short Note To My Fellow Advocates – Bukky Shonibare

Fellow Advocates,

It is true that you never know how strong you are until being strong is the only option you have. I guess that has become our reality; which is why I do not take for granted the possibility that you may sometimes consider giving up especially when there seem to be no logical end in sight. It is normal. Don’t worry. Change is never easy. When we fight for change, we do so by punching consistently and harder with every other punch even when we seem frail; that way, we’d soon see that the ‘Goliath’ we thought was too mighty would soon be taken down by our ‘1 stone.’

I know how it is; sometimes we laugh, other times we cry. Sometimes we bubble with burst of energy; other times we struggle to stand up. We sometimes endure the deceitful kiss of our ‘frenemies’ as well as hateful notes for those that despise us for lack of understanding. In fact, sometimes you become your own ‘discourager’ by questioning the sensibility in what you do. You just never know how and where things would swing. No one said it’d be easy anyway.

I have been there. I have been at these different junctions. Sometimes I fall and stay down; but jolt myself back to life. Let me share some of what I consider at such times:

  1. Reach deep down to the strength that lies within. Until you dig, you may never know what you’re made of. You’re already built for this. Dig… and reach.
  1. Reexamine your motive and be sure what makes you want what you want is noble and unselfish. It’s possible to unconsciously sway from your original intent. Once you notice you’ve swayed, call your senses back to order.
  1. Be fueled by the eventual outcome that you wish to see. Remember your goal (what you wish to see) and objective (why you wish to see it). Let the joy of what lies ahead encourage you.
  1. Look back to how far you’ve come and celebrate yourself for surmounting the many battles you’ve faced. Some already gave up. You’re still standing. It’s worth celebrating. A big cone of ice cream or an escape to a cinema to see a Comedy movie would suffice. *wink*
  1. It’s hard to remain steadfast in the face of blurriness, especially when you’ve experienced several unmet expectations. There are two options: hope or hopelessness. For the sake of what lies ahead, choose the former. Giving up should never be settled for.
  1. Victoria Ascerta… be assured that victory is certain, if only you believe it convincingly enough to stay on course. Keep moving until you reach your destination. No one ever achieved anything worthwhile by giving up. Don’t stop. The world is watching and waiting.
  1. There’s the God factor that’s needed for every great success. Know your Source, seek your Source, and stick to your Source. God NEVER fails.

 Remember, consistency pays! Quitters don’t win.


Bukky Shonibare

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