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Our Falles Heroes – Firdaus Garba @Fab_Garba #AFRD2015

In the cold they stand, through the night  they stood,
In the rain they trained, through the storms they held on,
In summer they burned, in their sweats they lived,
When strong they fought, even while weak they tried,
For their country they fought, her honor they protect,
When the enemy attacked, fight strong they did,
Conquer the enemy they will, if they had what it took,
Fight still they did, but the enemy was strong,
Their blood was spilled, but VICTORY they groan,
Boko Halal they whisper, boko halal their voice lingers,
It is for us they fought, it is for us they fell,
Forget them we won’t, celebrate them we will.

Firdaus Garba.

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