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I want to smile but all I am is broken – Firdaus @Fab_Garba Garba writes on Baga #Poetry

I want to smile but all I am is broken,
How can I smile when my home is in pieces?
How can I be happy with my family dying?
How can I sleep when my family is freezing?
Whom do I cry to? my mother crying!
Whom do I run to? my father & brothers slaughtered!
Whom do I laugh with, with my sisters are missing (Chibok Girls)?
Whom do I complain to? My govt doesn’t care…
How can be I be great when I feel hopeless?
How can i save someone when I feel helpless?
How do tell you my life matters?
How do I tell you I have dreams just like your sons and daughters?
Who is responsible for me?
Who swore to protect me yet “doesn’t give a damn” if I die or live?
#Je suis Nigeria #Je suis baga
Firdaus Garba

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