History Of Fuel Price Increases In Nigeria Till Date

• Gowon – from 6k to 8.45kobo

• Murtala – from 8.45k to 9k

• Obasanjo – from 9k to 15.3k

• Shagari – from 15.3k to 20k

• Buhari – from 20k to 20k (Price remains the same)

• Babangida – from 20k to 39.5k

• Babangida – from 39.5k to 42k

• Babangida – from 42k to 60k (Private Vehicles)

• Babangida – from 60k to 70k

• Shonekan – from 70k to N5 (Naira)

• Abacha – from N5 to N3.25k (Price drops)

• Abacha – from N3.25k to N15

• Abacha – from N15 to N11 (Price drops)

• Abubakar – from N11 to N25

• Abubakar – from N25 to N20 (Price drops)

• Obasanjo – from N20 to N30

• Obasanjo – from N30 to N22 (Price drops)

• Obasanjo – from N22 to N26

• Obasanjo – from N26 to N42

• Obasanjo – from N42 to N50

• Obasanjo – from N50 to N65

• Obasanjo – from N65 to N75

• Yar’Adua – from N75 to N65 (Price drops)

• Jonathan – (New year present) N141

• Jonathan – (After labor strike) N97

• Jonathan – (As Feb, 2015 Election approaches) N87

BUHARI and YAR’ADUA did not increase prices.


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  • Those drops came after strikes where the now Edo State governor was the Labour congress leader fighting for us (at least I was idealistic enough to think so). They were not voluntary reductions.

    Well my mom says Buhari and Shagari were the worst presidents she experienced. There was lots of price explosions during their era so this is a joke.