Hillary Clinton Could Be Next American President

Seventy-three percent of Americans expect to see a female president in their lifetime, even as men are expected to maintain their dominant role in business, a survey published Wednesday said.

The Washington-based Pew Research Center interviewed 1,835 adults online in November to get a sense of how Americans view women and leadership today.

Most respondents felt there was no difference between men and women when it came to leadership qualities like intelligence and capacity for innovation.

But when asked to explain the shortage of female political leaders, 28 per cent of men and 47 per cent of women said women were being held to higher standards than men.

In the business realm, the proportion who said women were judged more harshly than their male counterparts was even higher: a third of men and just over half of women.

That said, nearly three-quarters of those polled said they thought the United States would elect a female president in their lifetime. Just one in five respondents disagreed.

Women who support the Democratic party were the most enthusiastic about a woman in the White House — amid speculation that Hillary Clinton might run again for president in 2016.

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