Flower Girl, Ring Bearer Walk Down Aisle Again as Bride & Groom

Briggs Fussy and Brittney Husbyn once served as ring bearer and flower girl at a Minnesota wedding — and two decades later they would walk down the aisle a second time. This past weekend, though, the 22-year-olds weren’t just presenting rings or tossing petals. They were the bride and groom.

In 1995, Fussy stood in as the ring bearer while Husbyn walked as the flower girl in his godmother’s wedding. “We were 3 years old, I think,” Fussy said. “It was my godmother’s wedding and Brittney’s mom worked with her. She needed a flower girl.”

The pair reunited in 2007. “Brittney and I met in high school when she sat in front of me in government class” Fussy told ABC News. “One day, she went home to ask her mom about me. I have a pretty unique name [Briggs], so that must of stuck out to her.”

Husbyn discovered that her classmate was, indeed, the boy she knew from the wedding years ago. “We were in class and she had a picture with her from the wedding,” Fussy said. “I started to laugh because it was the same one we had hanging in the hallway at home, but I never knew who she was. That wedding was the only time I ever saw her.”

Fussy and Husbyn, who were dating different people at the time, became a couple two years after their rendezvous. The pair went on to attend Mankapo State University together, where they still study today.

On Saturday, Jan. 10, Fussy and Husbyn married among 310 family and friends — all of whom continue to find the couple’s coincidence a pretty remarkable one.

“Everybody loves it — especially my godmother, she takes all the credit,” Fussy said. “It’s constantly brought up that we walked down the aisle together again.”

Since their story has gone public, the newlyweds have been reveling in the positive attention. “We never expected having all this popularity, but we’re enjoying it,” Fussy said. “We will definitely print out the articles and keep them around. I’ll show them to my kids.”

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