Am I Wrong? He is 45, I’m 21 & I Love Him

This is actually my friend’s dilemma. At first, we taught this guy… I mean man is too old for her. But all that changed when she fell in love with him. This man has actually shown my friend world class TLC and he is sincere because I have personally observed him.

I am 4 years older than my friend because she is among the lucky ones who thrived in school at a very tender age. She is very intelligent and we are currently serving together. She met her 45 year old boyfriend immediately after we graduated and the man has moved heaven and earth to prove to her that he is for real. He travels every weekend amid his busy schedule to see her and provides everything she needs.

He just proposed to her last week and she has accepted because she is also madly in love with him. Her only problem now is introducing him to her parents. She is scared if they will accept him and is also worried if accepting his proposal was the right decision. She asked me if he was too old for her and I could not answer her.

But come to think of it, is there anything wrong with marrying someone you truly love, who is also way too older than you?

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