A Cold Lonely Morning – Firdaus Garba @Fab_Garba #IamNigeria

The night was cold but the morning after was colder,
As I shiver in the cold bushes, I heard the screams of my mother calling out for my little brother,
I heard the helpless cry of my baby sister, it was endless,
I heard a loud chant that sounded like my father praying,
The loud roar from the crowd was terrifying,
I lay hopeless, broken into a million pieces, beneath a broken tree, i await my faith…
The sounds grew fainter as time went by, through the numbness I walked out in the cold, shirtless and barefoot…
The horror,
My entire family and everyone I have ever known wiped out like they don’t matter..

Where do I run to? this is the only home I know…
#JesuisNigeria #Jesuisbaga

Firdaus Garba

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