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A Cold Lonely Morning – Firdaus Garba @Fab_Garba #IamNigeria

The night was cold but the morning after was colder,
As I shiver in the cold bushes, I heard the screams of my mother calling out for my little brother,
I heard the helpless cry of my baby sister, it was endless,
I heard a loud chant that sounded like my father praying,
The loud roar from the crowd was terrifying,
I lay hopeless, broken into a million pieces, beneath a broken tree, i await my faith…
The sounds grew fainter as time went by, through the numbness I walked out in the cold, shirtless and barefoot…
The horror,
My entire family and everyone I have ever known wiped out like they don’t matter..

Where do I run to? this is the only home I know…
#JesuisNigeria #Jesuisbaga

Firdaus Garba

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In the beginning...Let there be Light http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Japheth_J._Omojuwa

  • Faisal Bukar Mallum

    Imagine This
    Imagine the casualties of the mayhem in the Northeast. Imagine the devastation and sufferings.
    Imagine the hopelessness and severity of pains.
    Imagine the inaction and carelessness of the authorities….
    Imagine seeking shelter in the dry arid, harsh and cold weather when you had one. Imagine looking forward to meet your lost one, but they’re gone forever.
    Imagine having to scavenge for what to eat, while you had abundance.
    Imagine yourself in those shoes, could have been someone else’s father, mother, son, daughter, husband, wife or any loved one.
    Imagine its you, and it could be with the pace of the recklessness… but we sincerely hope not, we hope it ends soonest. Even though hope can only sustain us for a little time.
    On a lighter note…..
    Imagine if we can change the situation in a giffy.
    Imagine we can have a control for that change.
    Imagine the antidote for this change is right on our thumbs.
    Imagine we build a machinery to actualize this change we seek.
    Imagine change, its at your door step, its here, its you and me, its the leaders we entrust, one more time….just one!
    #ChangeWeDeserve #ChangeWeNeed
    Vote for credible leaders from the ground up, and let the discourse continue.