2015: Goodluck Buses Set Ablaze by Alleged APC Faithfuls(See Photos)

Reports reaching us say that, PDP buses meant for President Goodluck’s campaign were set ablaze in Jos around Zololo area in Bauchi road. We were told that some touts within the area who blocked two of the buses did not hesitate to raze fire on them.

Following the incident, our sources add that security personnel from the Nigerian Police stormed the area the next day to arrest the culprits but were unable to identify who were responsible for the violent act.

More so, sources say some people in the area chased the police out of the area and attempted to burn down a police station within the same area. We were told that they had already set fire on the station, but was put out by peaceful citizens who pleaded with both the police and the aggrieved people, thus averting violence within the area.

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