Lagos; City Of Rubbles !!! By Agbara C. Paschal

Lagos? Yeah!

But I should address what this is not.

This isn’t another pot hole of rocky words cast to the Lagos state Government. It’s also not a basket of fruity words to sweeten the appropriate authority. This is grapy as much as it is candied in nature.

Without my thoughts stammering, you’d agree with me that the government of Lagos state has scored herself high in virtually all areas. If the government of Lagos state were an individual enrolled in a Federal University in this country amidst all other states, you will concur if I say “she” would graduate with a 1st Class Hon.

And that was fruity! Laughs…

The last four and a half years (obviously mine. Not yours!) have been majorly spent in the then Labour Party but now PDP controlled state capital – Akure. And that means, a little part of my life in the last four and a half years have been spent in the opposition controlled state – Lagos state. By opposition, I meant “All Progressives Congress.”

Now, that was political! Yet another laugh…

Time to be eyeballed from the crown of your head to the sole of your feet by reality…

Lagos is unusually dusty! You don’t agree? Well, I forebode that.

It means you must drive in air-conditioned cars, live in air-conditioned houses et al but the last time I checked, the Gas Stations (what you call Filling Stations) haven’t become AC-ed too. Meaning, you feel the pepperiness of the dusty city too.

Lagos is dusty! Yes!

This isn’t a war paint. This is a backwash of experience. From the rubbles and junks masked as buses and cabs to intense traffic to sea of heads to shacks to loads of Danfo-nized, and BRT-ized Carbon Monoxides and lots more, Lagos is a smoky ocean full of varying fishes. Fishes that do nothing but survive.

I’m probably not the only one “Kissing” and “Telling.” See this!

Someone tweeted; “Lagos is frustrating.”

Many hours later, another retweeted independent of the other; “Lagos is tiring.”

Oh! Beautiful! I don’t know if it’s beautiful but there are others too playing the K and T game.

This hasn’t been theorized but I must postulate. No!, I would rather infer. Infer is the word as a Statistician. More Oxygen is needed in Lagos than any parts of Nigeria albeit respiration has grown snarlier than natural in Lagos.

Decongestion has to come out from its hiding. Lagos needs it!


Would that mean, every Salisu, Amaka, Toyin be sent packing? Would that also mean, Agba Akin has to visit Owode Onirin with his rickety and road unworthy bus? Or should Nze Obinna be forestalled from hosting his Umunna(s) on the street facing his house?

I wouldn’t know.

But to wipe my face a 100times in 5minutes, tapping my shoes to wipe the dust, having to avoid the Pomo Iya-Only-God-Knows is carrying from blotting my cloth sucks me of strength.

Laugh it off!

The next Lagos state Governor should mellow and stylishly visit Akure and see the way its cabs operate. Yes! That’s the only obvious thing Lagos can learn from Akure. Don’t borrow Akure’s climatic conditions I beg.

But Lagos is a model of growth for other states in Nigeria. It’s a pacesetter, a forerunner. It leads and others tweet, “follow back.”

I also look forward to, in a year or two, say Tinubu did it, Fashola did it, “??????” is doing it.

Agbara C. Paschal is a Writer, Speaker, and a Groomed Statistician

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