ISIS Militants Set Up Training Camps In Eastern Libya – US

IS_Militants_CampsThe Islamic State group, which overran large areas of Iraq and Syria, has set up training camps in eastern Libya.

The Head of the US Africa Command, Gen David Rodriguez, says ‘around a couple of hundred’ Islamic State militants have set up training camps in eastern Libya, and that the camps were at a very early stage, warning that the US is watching them “carefully to see how it develops”.

Since Muammar Gaddafi was overthrown in 2011, Libya has been in turmoil with various tribes, militias and political factions fighting for power with some militants recently declaring allegiance to IS. The elected government has lost Libya’s three main cities amid the political crisis.

Benghazi, the country’s second city, is in the hands of Islamist fighters, and the internationally recognized parliament is now based in the coastal town of Tobruk in the east.

Gen Rodriguez in Washington said it was not yet clear how closely aligned the trainees were with IS and that “It’s mainly about people coming for training and logistics support right now, for training sites . . . Right now it’s just small and very nascent and we just have to see how it goes.”

The United States has been waging an air war against the IS group in Iraq and Syria but when asked if the training camps in Libya were a potential target for American forces, Gen Rodriguez said: “No, not right now.”

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