Youthful But Corrupt By Balogun Samson

Fellow Nigerians, let me reiterate you that over some period of time now the looming news that have been circulating across the length and breath of this country is on the fact that our young and energetic youths want a share of power, they claimed the old bags should evacuate the helms in other for young and energetic ideas to rule, after all they are the leader of tomorrow and that tomorrow is now.
The question we need to ask ourselves at this point is that can we trust the new bags? Can we really trust the youth of this jet age? The level of corruption among our youths is even worst and disheartening.
As a student of one of the reputable Universities in Nigeria, I was privilege to move close to some of the students representatives and some of the students union leaders, to the best of my knowledge the level of corruption at that small level shows that the hope for a brighter future in this country is not in view.
One of the students union leader I happened to be member of his campaign team won the heart of the students with his eloquent speeches and his obvious spirit for struggle. After his emergence, some amount of money was allocated to his office to organise leadership training programmes that will benefit and help shaping the lives of the students on campus, half of this money was alleged embezzled, up to #220,000. As if that was all #30,000 that was budgeted to rebuild the dilapidated students union statue was also embezzled by the so called leaders of tomorrow, it saddens my heart when corruption at the grass root level is immeasurable and yet they keep clamouring for positions at the helms.
If am to state with instances the level at which we youth have bastardized and jeopardised our chances of becoming the anticipated leaders that will help restore and sustain true definition of democracy in this country, you will be amazed how the silent disease that kills like Ebola has eaten so deep into our bones, marrows and blood.
Tears roll down my eyes whenever I ruminate on the facts that our youths which are suppose to be an embrocation turn to be tooth aches of this great nation.
We youths have turn ourselves to political halleluyah boys, engaging in partisan politics that will not move this country forward the so called Transformation Ambassadors of Nigeria (TAN) claimed to be a non partisan organisation designed to promote good governance but yet people are cynical about their proclamation for good governance. Nigerians are clamouring for change, they want this inept government out in 2015, obvious 70% of Nigerians are tired of this present administration, but (TAN) deemed it fit to go against general view by pledging their support for the present administration, some claimed that the current government is the best so far, I believe any sane person wouldn’t have alter that statements, with the obvious state of the nation I believe they should be referred to a psychiatric hospital.
Let me concluded by saying this country needs a thorough purging and holistic approach to eradicate this disease called CORRUPTION before it is too late, as we all stood to chase Ebola out of our dear nation let us in the same manner kick CORRUPTION out once and for all.
God bless Nigeria!

Balogun Samson

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