Woman Returns Stolen Baby To Church After 13 Days In Asaba

After two weeks, an eight months old baby kidnapped from a Pentecostal church in Asaba has been returned by his abductor.

The baby, Daresimi, was found within the church premises at about 7 pm on Friday with a letter strung to his neck.

The Nation reports that the child was stolen by an unknown woman while her mother, a chorister, was singing in the choir a fortnight ago.

According to Daresimi’s father, Victor, the thief in the letter stated that her Pastor asked her to kidnap a baby for 14 days so as to enable her get pregnant too.

The letter reads:

“Please, you people should forgive me. I did not mean any harm. I am a childless woman, a pastor of a church directed me to steal a child and keep it for 14 days and that at the end of the last day, I will be able to get pregnant and give birth to children of my own.

”So I acted on the instruction the very pastor gave to me and again you can see that the child is healthy, because I took care of him. I am troubled I could not keep the child as I also learnt that the pastor of the church where the child was stolen and the entire church has placed a curse on me.


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