We Need Help In Nigeria By Presley Akhigbe

R.I.P to all the military men that have lost their lives in this never ending death campaign of Boko Haram in Nigeria. May God be with their families in a special way. To all the soldiers who flee from the Boko Haram, no words to describe their actions as they alone know the reasons why they fled. To the rest of us Nigerians, do not feel safe at all because you are in Lagos or Enugu. Do not feel safe because you are not in Adamawa, Yobe and Bornu. The federal government of Nigeria at this moment cannot protect us. The Nigeria military cannot protect us. That is the fact. We need help. We need serious and urgent help in Nigeria.

My friend’s brother in Mubi, trecked for more than eleven hours, climbing through mountains to escape the uninhibited rampaging massacre of Boko Haram. Other elderly women, men, children and families escaped in the cover of darkness through mountains and forests, with no help from the fleeing military and security agents. Though they live to tell this death tales today, but most probably their lives will never remain the same as they will co-exist with memories of death and destructions that met them face to face.
Let the world know that the acclaimed dreaded ISIS is not as deadly as Nigeria Boko Haram. Reports have it that in Mubi and other territories that have been captured by the terrorists, fellow Nigerians, muslims, christians, females, males, infants and the elderly have been brutally killed. Some beheaded, others amputated, scores of others shot at close range. Oh dear lord. All these happening when the country is not at war and right in our motherland. Young girls and women are rapped daily, people’s lives are getting ruined by the minute. Lots of people who have been living with abject poverty under our government have now been living in hell fire right in Nigeria. Lots of people are trapped with no medical attention, no water, food, electricity and the likes. The only available commodity for them is death, brutal death by that.
No single person can give a clear picture of the carnage in the north east of Nigeria. Simply put as hell on earth.
Just when Nigerians were sighing relief that a ceasefire arrangement had been reached by the government with the terrorists, the opposite happened. The terrorist regrouped, got fiercer, brutal and bolder to the extent of capturing the house/hometown of the Nigerian chief of defence staff.

The kidnapped chibok girls have been missing for over 200days now with no hope in sight. Lots of others are unaccounted for on the premise of kidnap and massacre. Our governments are totally incapacitated to handle this crisis. We need help now. Let us all rally and face the fact that we need help in Nigeria.

We appeal to the presidents of the USA, China, Britain, Germany, France, Israel and even Russia to come to our aid. We appeal to other African countries to help us too. We appeal to all international media, Aljazera, CNN, BBC, Sky news etc to help us. Our media too can help. Sahara Reporters, Channels TV and others. We want the world to know and see the reality of what is going on in the north east of Nigeria. We want military assistance, the international red cross, WHO, AU, UN, EU and other world powers to please help us in Nigeria. Please come and support our gallant military in this quest to conquer terror.
The situation is totally gory. We must not keep mute. Life in Abuja and other places apart from Bornu, Yobe and Adamawa is a contrast to war, but we must not be carried away, the war is coming closer and any moment it might spread and consume all of us. That in mind and in memory, repect and honour of all the victims in Adamawa, Yobe and Bornu and all the chibok girls, we need help.
Please president Obama, help us. Prime minister David Cameron, help us. The heads of Germany, Russia, France, Israel and China, please help Nigeria. Our government need help. We despirately need help. Pleae for the sake of God.

Presley Akhigbe

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