Vaccine Set to Save 1.5 Million Deaths Children From Pneumonia Infection

Although, it is known as the biggest killer disease that affects both children and adults globally, pneumonia, a disease that kills over 1.5 million children globally on an annual basis can be prevented through Prevenar 13 vaccine. The Prevenar 13 is a pneumococcal vaccine that contains extracts from thirteen of the most common types of Streptococcus pneumonia bacteria. These bacteria are responsible for causing invasive diseases such as pneumonia, blood poisoning and meningitis. The vaccine works by provoking the body’s immune response to the bacteria, without causing the diseases.

According to experts, pneumonia is a form of acute respiratory infection that affects the lungs, making breathing painful and limiting oxygen intake. Nearly one in five global child deaths result from pneumonia every year. Pneumococcal pneumonia mainly causes illness in children younger than five years old and adults 65 years of age or older. So, in commemoration of the World Pneumonia Day 2014 themed ‘Fight Pneumonia and Save the Child’ medical doctors have urged Nigerians to vaccinate their children in order to save them.


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