This War We Fight (A Tribute To Our Wonderful Soldiers Fighting Boko Haram, Lord Bless Them)?

This war we fight
Its goes through the night till the morning
Are fallen soldiers Standing Angels?
We stand up on the shoulders
About the cold war they told us, peace
Be still, peace is not far away
It’s not far from where we are today
This war we fight with the might of the almighty
So even on dark days
This light will guide me
A life given for another, Is a time used wisely.
I write for the brothers and sisters
Eyes of them
Between the sheets of humanity
Our families the devil’s calamity
Soldiers that fight for our sanity
We celebrate them only annually
But everyday, everyday is a way to salute
Those of fatigue and boots , the mothers and fathers of those troops
The mission is to harmonize like old groups
This war we fight is for our young
So that our young can become recruits
Teachers, lawyers, writers
Fighters for a higher purpose
Becoming fine young men and women for service
Serving each other and the mother earth that birth us
Serving to God, that truly knows what there worth is
So for all our soldiers are write these words
Because of what you contribute
We pay tribute
For those of you who left us you still live through
Because this war we fight is everywhere all over
And in this war we are all soldiers.
The peom was originally written by a Rapper Common to the veterans ,

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