Sad Stories from Mubi…

Reports has it that 3,000 people have fled Mubi in Adamawa State and stories have reached us on accounts of people’s various experiences during the uproar.

We have been informed of a woman who was led to forced labour due to shock. Sources add that she lost her life during childbirth and another woman equally fleeing from the insurgents stopped and picked the new born baby.

Another source told us about two brothers who wanted to run out of Mubi with their aged father, but the father told them to run off without him so that he will not slow them down, due to his inability to walk. We were told that the older brother while running off realized that his younger  was not with him and he remembered that the younger brother swore not to leave without the father, so he  went back to find him.

As he went back, he met people who warned him not to proceed to Mubi but he persisted till he got home and found his brother with the father. They eventually agreed to bundle the father against his wish and began to move out. Unfortunately, they were stopped by the insurgents who shot the two brothers at sight and left the father who died of cardiac arrest.


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