Request For Support For Baby Kehinde Omajuwa , A Fathers Plea #SOS

My name is Samson Segun Omajuwa I worked for AA rescue as a contract Staff to UBA as a Driver. I am the Father of baby Kehinde. My wife gave birth to twins, one female and male recently . My wife  and I noticed that Kehinde always had very breath fast after third week of birth, we took kehinde to Massey children Hospital in Lagos island, the Doctor told us we should do a scan report (echocardiography) and Xray report. We did the scan and the Doctor told us Kehinde has a Congenital heart diseases that is going to hurt  Kehinde if we didnt act fast enough , The Doctor started treating kehinde and for four months the doctor gave us three types of drugs and said it is very likely the heart will close by itself. Four months have passed now and the heart is yet to be closed. Last week me and my wife took Kehinde for medical checkup and the Doctor told us kehinde has passed the 4 months period required for the heart to be closed and still there in no improvement for our child. We will need to send kehinde to India for devise closure of hole in the heart. I asked the Doctor how much it will cost us to send Kehinde to India to save our only son . The Doctor said he’s going to send kehinde’s  medical details to Chennai in India (Apollo hospitals) and they will let him know how much is going to cost for the childs operation . The cost came out and Apollo Hospitals wrote $4,000 to 5,000 will be required for Closure of hole in the heart( PDA). This figures Excludes air ticket to India, hotel stay for my wife which will accompany Kehinde to India for the operation and other expenses we would incure to save our son  . My salary is 36,000 naira as a driver that is why I need support for my only son life to be saved.I don’t have  money with me, for me and my family to feed let alone money for Kehinde’s treatment and well being . Me and my wife will be grateful. Please Help us!!! My phone number is 08023908183, my account name: Samson segun omajuwa is, A/C 1011089880 (UBA). Below are the mediacl reports and test papers already produced from doctors and specialist we would appreciate any help that comes our way . God less  you all





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