Questions You Must Ask Each Other Before You Marry

It is important for couples considering settling down to sit together and answer these relevant questions to each other before they approach the aisle to avoid a failed marriage, considering the fact that both individuals will be living together… forever.

  • Do you want to have children, and if so, when? How many?
  • How important is religion to you? Could you survive in household where there are two different, perhaps disparate views on religion?
  • Are you gonna eat that?
  • How close will we be to your parents?
  • Do you like my friends? Do you expect me to hang out with your friends often?
  • How will we divide up money? How will we tackle debt? How will we decide what to save?
  • How important is equality in a marriage?
  • How will we divide household chores?
  • Are we able to openly talk about our sexual needs and preferences?
  • Do you see us traveling often?
  • Where will we spend the holidays?
  • Can I go through your phone often?
  • Where do you want to settle down? Where do you want to retire?
  • How much affection do you require in a given day?
  • Why do you trust me?!
  • Do you like animals? Do you want a pet?

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