#Pausibility: Asceticism vs Epicureanism.- Adebayo Coker


Earlier this week, our polymath Prime Minister, who had on many occasions ‘rebased ‘our minds that our  economy is standing gidigba, finally announced that we should expect  some measure of imposition on our ‘normal’ life as a nation.

I can’t imagine a Nigeria where a minister can’t ride a three-million-dollar car; a Nigeria where a Director in a government parastatal  can’t own properties estimated at billions of naira; a Nigeria where gross ingratiation at the expense of the masses and massive corruption can’t be attenuated to mere pilfering… that will be an abnormal Nigeria.

They brazenly show feigned statistics that are far from the realities of the living conditions of the masses. God knows how they come about those figures. How can an outsider tell you the interior of your house better than you know it yourself? The fish in my pot I know so well. So I need no Fitch to tell me what I know. Victoria’s secret is in public glare.

Excerpt from Societal Fragments.

In order to adjust to this life of austerity that’s already oozing from Aso Rock, I’ll adhere to stringent word count today so I don’t fall into the category of luxuriation.  I am sure they’ll forget soon when there is a ‘stringent’ need for the Presidential fleet to be upgraded with one or two more aircrafts; then all of us will continue to live our ‘normal life’.

Still in the spirit of parsimony, National Sports Commission should start developing the ‘high jumpers and mountaineers’ at the National Assembly for the next Olympics. No doubt, we are gold-bound if these guys are enlisted early enough.

I would not like to interrupt the fun am catching at the Ake Arts and Books Festival.  Check back next week, we are rebasing.

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