IS this Democracy or Democrazy?

Amidst the recent events that have been happening in this county, one begins to wonder if we are back to the lawless and unconstitutional military regime. A second thought will only serve as a confirmation that indeed we are in a democratic government. Now, one cannot shy away from the reality that this are turbulent times; the dark days of our democracy. To say we have a functioning government will be a fallacy; we are in the jungle, a tussle for supremacy over the wild.

Two events have left me asking questions.

Firstly, whether there is any legal or logical basis on which seven (7) assembly members will impeach The Speaker of the State House of Assembly? Even when the Constitution has prescribed the manner and approach in which an impeachment can be carried out.

Secondly, whether the police are to maintain level grounds with all political parties or to be supportive and what is the function of the executive arm in a democratic government?

A further study of the constitution answers both questions, leaving no stones unturned. One then begins to wonders the duty of the judiciary in a so called democratic government. If all these provisions have been clearly stated in the book which is referred to as guiding every conduct, why then does this impunity persists?

Section 92(2) (a), (b) and (c) of the 1999 constitution as amended states that:

The speaker or deputy speaker of the house of assembly shall vacate his office –

(A) if he ceases to be a member of the house of assembly, Otherwise by reason of dissolution of the house;

(B) when the house first sits after the dissolution of the house or;

(C) if he is removed from office by a resolution of the house of assembly by votes of not less than two-third majority member of the house.

Based on this provision, can 7 members out of 26 members form the two-third required? The answer is no, 17 members are required to sign and form a two-third before the speaker can be impeached. There has been no dissolution and there is no two-third, how does one now explain the situation in Ekiti State, where 7 members out of the required 17 members impeached the speaker.

One then begins to ask questions if this is truly a democratic government, where the rule of law is strictly meant to be adhered to, since it is the bedrock of any successful democracy.

Moving on, what is the function of the executive, and what is the stance of the police, are they meant to be supportive and maintain a level playing field among the political parties in the country?

The ugly event that happened in the national House of Assembly Complex is a great threat to the democracy of this nation, as the number four citizen of this country the speaker of the House of Representative Honorable Aminu Tambuwal was unjustly harassed by the police force while

trying to make his way into the complex to perform the duty which Nigerians have elected him for. One begins to question the competence of the security operatives, while it is so easy for them to get intelligence about hoodlums attacking the complex, one cannot comprehend why they cannot get intelligence to curb the persisting insurgency that have been happening in the North East of Nigeria.

While there is insurgency in the north east, 1000’s of civilians have lost their lives, to tell how pathetic the situation is, school pupils (children) who are tomorrow leaders have lost their lives, yet the security operatives are more concerned about hoodlums attacking the NASS after it received intelligence, one then asks if the same energy seen yesterday by the police force can be directed to the stop of insurgency in the North East.

This is not the time to witch hunt, this is the time to work hand in hand and yield positive outcomes, when your country men keeps dying at the hands of insurgents, one then asks if the sole function of the executive which is the protection of lives and properties have been fully met and satisfied.

Before all hope is lost, this is the time to wake up and face the realities of the present events happening in this part of the world. Nothing is working in this country.

I’m only a Nigerian thinking aloud.

By: Oladapo Olowokudejo @xplicit_dee

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