How to get Him to Date You…

Ever wonder what that woman — the one who’s always surrounded by men and who lands dates left and right — has that you don’t? We did, too, so we polled man-magnets around the country for their tried-and-true tips for attracting men. Below, read their secrets on getting — and keeping — the guy:

Bring the “A” team
“If I go out with the intention of meeting guys, I never go out with more than two girlfriends. In my opinion, there’s nothing more annoying to guys (at least, the ones looking for something other than a fling) than a gaggle of giggling girls. I make sure that the friends I go out with are great wing-women — attractive friends who I can count on to be up for a good, drama-free evening — whether we meet guys or not. Whenever I go out with this type of group, the guys are drawn to us like flies to honey. There’s something really alluring to guys about a small group of cool, confident, classy women.”

Learn how to relax
“Here’s my one rule: Don’t be totally focused on ‘getting the guy.’ I think that scares them off! Be happy with your own life, be busy with it, and think of a guy as the icing on the cake — not vital, but a nice bonus. Guys pick up on this laid-back attitude and don’t feel as if you want or need anything from them… and then they’re interested!”

Laughter is the best medicine
“It’s always been my theory that guys love when you laugh at their jokes — or just simply act as if they’re the funniest people on Earth. It boosts their confidence, and what guy doesn’t want to be around a woman who makes him feel good? There’s no need to be completely fake about it — just laugh as genuinely as you can when the guy you’re into is clearly looking for laughs, and encourage him to keep going if it seems like he’s on a roll. You’ll be amazed how quickly it will endear guys to you!”

Keep up appearances
“I grew up in the South, where women always take the time to look their best. Even though I live up North now, I haven’t changed my habits. I rarely leave the house — even to go to the gym — without wearing a cute outfit, perfume, makeup and with my hair looking good, and I always keep a loaded cosmetics bag in my purse. I really think guys — especially the ones where I live — appreciate it when a woman looks put together and smells nice. Even when I’m seriously dating someone, I never let my commitment to looking good slide, even as we get comfortable in our relationship.”

Let him do all the chasing
“For me, my version of playing ‘hard to get’ always works. Here’s how I do it: I always make sure that even if I am head-over-heels into a guy, I never let him know — even the slightest bit — that I am. If he calls me, I’ll wait at least three days before calling him back, and when I’m around him, I always act very nonchalant and make sure I talk to others as much as I talk to him. Lastly, I never spill my feelings until at least two weeks after he spills his. I think this leaves a guy always wanting more, and makes him feel like ‘getting’ me is a challenge. Guys like competition and to win, so it’s almost like a game!”

Cast a wide net
“You have to get out there and always go to new places — be they classes, clubs, charity groups. You need new dating pools to meet new guys. If you were looking for a job, you wouldn’t apply over and over again at just one company, right? Same goes with meeting men. Mix up your routine and don’t let it stagnate. There are lots of guys out there, and the more you meet, the more likely you are to find good relationship material.”

Be a good sport
“I have three older brothers — all of whom were huge jocks — so I know about sports just about as much as any guy, and I actually genuinely love watching games. I think guys love when a girl can talk about their favorite team or knowledgeably tease them about why her favorite team is superior. The key to using sports knowledge to impress guys is to not be ‘one of the guys’ when you do it — no guy wants to date someone that could just as easily be one of his male friends. Instead, be a feminine, sexy woman who loves sports and shows up in a hot outfit — not wearing a jersey with your face painted! If you’re clueless when it comes to sports, get one of your guy friends to teach you — pronto!”


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