How to Exit the Friend Zone (For Guys)

First, you must admit that you  have been friend zoned and being friend zoned implies that she calls you when there is no other available option and of course, when you are the shoulder to cry on.

If you find yourself under these categories, then we can talk on how to leave that zone. Now there are many options for exiting the friend zone, but we are giving you just one way out, also considered as the easiest way out.


These girls know you are into them and that is why they keep using you like a donkey without any remorse. My brother, ask all the Mr. Nice Guys and they will tell you that the other bad guy won her.

But it all depends on what you want. If you want to be used for the rest of life, then keep picking the calls when she is stuck in club and needs someone to drive her back home. Continue giving her audience when she comes crying about how the other guy is hurting her or even worse, keep buying her shawarma and pizza, because she will never stop asking. Some go as far as accepting booty calls and she forgets you as soon as she makes up with her main man.

You have two options, stop that mediocre friendship or be a man and take the bull by the horn by telling her it is either a relationship or nothing!

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