He Dumped me After the Abortions…

I’m publishing my story (hoping it gets published), not because I need anyone’s advice. I just want my story to serve as a lesson to other young girls out there.

I dated this wicked animal since our secondary school days. Everybody in school back then knew us to be sweethearts. I even refused to do my first degree abroad because I wanted to attend the same Federal University he attended. He convinced me not to school abroad and told me to stay back in Nigeria so we could get married after we graduate.

I lost my virginity to him in my first year in the University after several failed attempts to deflower me in secondary school. He did not use protection the first time we had sex and I barely knew anything about my menstrual cycle, talkless of knowing when I was safe; so I got pregnant. I knew I was pregnant when I missed my period and I told him and he convinced me to abort it because he wasn’t ready financially to take care of the baby and we terminated the pregnancy.

I vowed never to have sex again till he convinced me otherwise the second time and promised to use protection. To cut the long story short, he began sleeping with other girls and told me it is because I deprived him of natural pleasure and that I should know my circle as a grown woman. I felt challenged and wanted to keep my man and prove to those campus girls that I was a grown woman.

Unfortunately, I got pregnant several times and we kept terminating them. I even got pregnant in camp while we were serving and I aborted that one without his knowledge.

We even worked in the same PPA and he was eventually retained, while I went back home because I couldn’t get a job and my parents will not allow me live elsewhere. We continued dating and I lied most times to my parents, in the name of interviews to go stay with him for a while, till my parents decided that I should go abroad to do my masters since no job was forth coming. He then gave me a secret engagement ring and promised that we will marry after my masters.

Three months into my studies in the UK, I saw his pre- wedding photos all over social media. That was when he stopped picking my phone calls. He also blocked me on skype and other social media platforms.

I decided to confide in his best friend and he told me that my boyfriend told him that we quit the relationship since I was leaving the for the UK and that he is grateful for the break up because I have had too many abortions and might not give him children if we married.

I have not been able to recover from the shock and devastation, because he is happily married now with a kid, but I have asked God to forgive me and repay him exactly the way he treated me.

My advice to young girls is this; do not allow anyone to rob you of your innocence in the name of love. I learnt the hard way and it is still haunting me till date. Be wise and abstain from sex till after your marriage.


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