Beyonce and Jay Z Planning to Conceive Second Child in Europe

Beyonce and Jay Z will reportedly try to have another baby while spending a leap year in Paris.

The celebrity couple was spotted looking for housing in the City of Lights earlier is this year, and sources told Dailystar they plan to conceive another child, during their time abroad.

”Jay and Bey have been spending a lot of time in Paris lately and they adore France. They’re hoping to conceive their second child out there. And taking a year out will allow Beyonce to have a quiet, stress-free pregnancy,” an insider told the publication.

The couple is already parents to 2-year-old daughter Blue Ivy, and where seen with her while touring Paris’s The Louvre in October.

According to the source, both Beyonce and Jay Z “adore the laid-back lifestyle and culture” of France and plan to “put music on the back-burner” next year to just “enjoy” the country.

“They want to have some time doing very little, enjoying Blue Ivy and chilling out,” said the source. “They are hoping she will pick up the lingo too. And of course it will be great for their French.”

The reports about Beyonce and Jay Z’s possible move come after months of speculation that the singers were headed for a divorce and follows reports that they renewed their vows in October.


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