2015: Stop Digging Your Own Graves By Nathaniel O. Amroboraro

Hear me ye traditional rulers, who sit on your thrones, in your magnificent palaces, awaiting these politicians to come for your endorsements, which you gladly, give out for not a few Greek gifts. Remember that you are trading the development of your kingdom for the next four years.
Listen to my call, ye religious leaders, yes, you have the right to vote, but do not publicly endorse any aspirant for the fact they we your congregation are made up of different political parties.
Give ears to me, ye journalists. When have you stopped being the watchdog of the society, that you now allow yourselves to be used as political agents and pen thugs to push the selfish and evil-ridden ambition of these ones, simply because you have been offered double amount for their adverts. When you will be arrested and thrown in jail for expressing your thoughts tomorrow, please do not cry foul, because ye are the ones who sold out thine own integrity.
Heed my words ye student and youths, who use the platforms which are meant to fight against obnoxious policies such as incessant strikes, unemployment and their likes, to endorse these ones all because you need some mnn little finance today. Do not so quickly forget the story of Esau who sold his birthright for a one-round meal. Remember, these politicians have their children schooling abroad, yet they want you to be the thug, risking your all for them. Please be wise.
You are 39, still jumping around with new organizations weekly, and claiming to be a youth. When would you settle down and follow your dream? Or do you have none? Remember, these politicians got to office at young ages, they have stayed for decades and have refused to leave, and you keep celebrating them, go ahead.
In addition, to you, singing praises whenever new projects are being commissioned, why do you congratulate them that much? Know ye not that we employed them and have the power to fire them if they do anything less?
To you politicians, who arm thugs and youths, to ‘protect’ your votes, what are the armed forces there for? Do not forget that that was how the Delta and Rivers states governments financed the Niger-Delta militancy unknowingly, until it went out of hands, just as Ali Modu Sheriff sponsored what is now known today as BH. The boys you give guns to today, would get out of hands tomorrow, and even your lives would be in danger.
If you would forget all my words, then pay attention to the fact that you are all digging a pit, that which would kill us all, and terminate our generations.
Stop digging further, and let us begin the task of rescuing our generations and ourselves.

Nathaniel O. AMROBORARO is a student at Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, and can be reached at 08163205216 or via email at

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