Kwara Central Senatorial Seat; Supreme Court Rules in Favour of Bukola Saraki

In another landmark ruling, the Supreme Court  today, in the pending appeal filed by Alhaji L.A.. K Jimoh challenging the nomination of the former Governor of Kwara Sate, Senator Bukola Saraki to the Upper Chamber of National Assembly,  the apex court unanimously  held that the appeal is unmeritorious and it is hereby dismissed.
The Court while dismissing the suit with  Apeal . No. Sc. 493/2013. Apeal. No. CA/. ABJ/318/12. Titled, Alhaji laziz kolawole jimoh. V. P. D. P, INEC  & Dr. Abubakar Bukola Saraki,  filed by the   appellant was   dismissed because  it flays against many decided authorities. The court  advise the appellant to withdraw the matter forthwith as hearing the appeal will be an exercise in futility. The  appeal was eventually dismissed.
While scolding ?the appellant’s  lawyer for taking a step which amounts to abuse of court process and wasting of time of the court, the panel of judges  who did not hide their feeling towards the lawyer and without mincing words, lambasted the lawyer for bringing such matter before the  apex court knowingfully  that such matter terminates at the Court of Appeal by law and procedure.
It would be recalled that the Court of Appeal had earlier upheld the decision of the lower court to the extent that Senator Bukola Saraki was appropriately nominated by his former party, the PDP as the candidate to represent the Kwara Central Senatorial District of Kwara State. 
With the latest ruling by the apex court, it is finally settled that? Senator Bukola Saraki was properly nominated as candidate of People’s Democratic Party in 2011. 

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