#Wobbled Words, Stories Inspired By Real Life

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I recollect the events of that sunny Saturday morning. I had gone to register a new chip that I just bought in compliance with the new rule of the National Communication Commission that all telephone lines must be registered.

The young lady at the desk punched my information into the system meticulously.  “What is your occupation?” she asked. I looked a bit confused not knowing whether to tell her am a Business Communication Specialist or a writer. I chose the latter.

She looked at me right in the face, befuddled I believe, as it is rare for people in this clime to take up writing as a profession. She went back to punching in my details. Suddenly, she jerked back at me like someone that just got jolted out of her reverie, and she exclaimed, “Ah! You are a writer? I am so glad I am eventually meeting one writer in my lifetime. I will like to be a writer too’. My response was ‘really?’.

She told me she had a manuscript but she wasn’t confident to show it to anyone as she knew her writing isn’t at all good. I encouraged her to bring the script all the same, as we can polish it to an acceptable standard. She agreed.

Few days later she called me up to give me the manuscript which I happily collected, took home and made out time to read. Going through the first three pages of her piece; I could tell she was reeling out her life’s experience; I was touched by the story in there.

Truth be told, her words were wobbled but I decided to straighten them as much as I could. I also agreed to publish her piece in order to raise the needed fund to help her through school.

What she had was insufficient to make a reasonable publication, hence I decided that I will co-write with her , but on a second thought I felt it would make more sense to give the publication a humanitarian thrust  so I contacted few writer friends who saw it as a call to service and gladly took in the idea

We all tell our life experiences by unsheathing our deepest emotions through the words that we choose to let the world read or hear. Many a time, we wobble until we stumble on the right choice of words; hence, the title, WOBBLED WORDS, STORIES INSPIRED BY REAL LIFE.

It is either a writer ventilates the nonsense in the sense or the sense in the nonsense. Either way, there is usually something to say. Just write.

Different writers have come together to tell some of their real life experiences as stories of fact or fiction to serve as your entertainment and enlightenment, regarding different likely issues which one may face in this journey called life.

Find your favorite, there likely will be many.

In the coming days I will be showcasing real life experiences via this blog; excerpts taken from the book. I thank you, the reader, in advance, for finding a moment in busy life to explore the creativity of a breath of fine minds.

My pleasure.

Enjoy Wobbled Words.

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