The Carters in Louvre Museum in Paris (See Photos)

Beyonce-Jay-Z-Louvre-Blue-Ivy-Pictures (1) Beyonce-Jay-Z-Louvre-Blue-Ivy-Pictures

Beyoncé and Jay Z took a family trip to the Louvre Museum in Paris this week, and even while surrounded by iconic works of art (including the “Mona Lisa”), it was their 2-year-old daughter Blue Ivy Carter that managed to steal the show. While touring the historic building, Blue stumbled upon a grate and unknowingly channeled one of the most famous figures of all time while letting her pink dress billow in the air. While we highly doubt that Blue knows about Marilyn Monroe or The Seven Year Itch, it doesn’t make this moment any less adorable: Beyoncé thought so, too, as she snapped photos of her little one on her iPhone with a huge smile on her face.

Beyonce-Jay-Z-Louvre-Blue-Ivy-Pictures (2) Beyonce-Jay-Z-Louvre-Blue-Ivy-Pictures (3)

Beyonce-Jay-Z-Louvre-Blue-Ivy-Pictures (7) Beyonce-Jay-Z-Louvre-Blue-Ivy-Pictures (4)

Beyonce-Jay-Z-Louvre-Blue-Ivy-Pictures (8) Beyonce-Jay-Z-Louvre-Blue-Ivy-Pictures (5)

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