Plea to Oyo State Government

The beauty of governance is to put smiles on the face of the people. It is therefore important that the people who are the focal point of the governance process itself must never be taken for granted in whatever ways. A situation whereby the governors in charge of governance not only fail to fulfill their promises but also succeed in further impoverishing the people is one case too far that needs serious and urgent public outcry.

When in 2013, the government of Oyo State advertised the Oyo State Bursary for all 500 Level indigent students nationwide, the joy of many including myself was so great that we felt that our governments are really touching the lives of her citizens in a big way. The process of registering for the programme which involved a payment of 750 Naira was maximally adhered to by hundreds of thousands of students who were also hoping that the government would also fulfill its own promise. It is however a sad tale that the joy we felt then has been murdered with unfulfilled promise. Agreed, one is expected to pay a price in order to get the prize but in a situation whereby you pay the price and there is no prize to back up the price paid is a more than a worse situation. Thousands of us paid the price but more than a year later, we are still hoping on the prize. I therefore humbly call on the leadership of Oyo State Government to as a matter of urgency pay us the expected bursary or in the worst case refund our 750 Naira. Please we beg you in God’s name.


Adetayo Ojo, @AdetayoOjo


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